Jan 30

The Sony Pictures Hack and the Rise of The Network


Full disclosure: The author was a Sony Pictures Entertainment employee from 2001-2012)

The game playing days on the Internet are over. Those that thought the global communications network would remain a fun toy for idle social media wanderers are about to be separated from those who know that it is a vital part of the business operational infrastructure. The first automobile drivers probably self-selected which lane to use and routinely ran over whatever they could, their days were numbered by the reality that the roads were going to one day be used by all. As that process went, so goes the stabilization of The Internet. And with it will come the regulations and protections that oversee all other information. But the challenge for governments, business and the average user will be, now and forever, the ability to stay technically ahead of the criminals who seek to disrupt the infrastructure and the lives of those that use it. How will business get ahead of the hackers, and what will the government do to help?

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