Sep 24

Our Descent into Stepford Wives and the Premise Of The Origin Point


stepford-wives-1975_4151“I don’t think the avethe-origin-point-white-3drage American is really going to cry about the price they’re paying, most of them are already enwrapped with their mobiles. We are talking about a population barely looking up as they go through their day. People have no idea how often they are viewed on camera.”

“I know. Indifference is one development I have never reconciled. When did people become so complacent?”…

…”Most people are not using the smartphone to do anything smart. They are scrolling through social media updates.”
“Which means they’ll barely notice when our system comes online, and we track and store their every move.”
“No, they’ll walk right into the process.”
“With their heads down.” Both laughed.

– Julia and Marco in The Origin Point

What if all the people around you were slowing, literally or figuratively, turning into robots, would you give in or fight for your humanity? Some believe the transformation process has already begun. Our collective decision to become addicted to digital software in all forms from social media to gaming, has transformed the way people interact, or not, with one another.
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Sep 09

ELECTION 2016: Is there a Political Party envisioning America in a Future Tech world?

The short answer is NO.

Why do you care?:   Exhibit A – housing prices in Silicon Valley.

America’s money and America’s future are in technology. Future jobs, wealth, growth and our advancement as a society will come from the technology industry. Our ability to defend ourselves against enemies will require advanced technological tools against those that purport to destroy our way of life. If we are constantly building an advanced, future tech America that neither our trade competitors nor our ideological enemies could envision, we will remain one, no, one hundred steps ahead. The industrial age has passed, the tech age must be embraced. But you would never know from the rhetoric in the major party campaign platforms. Continue reading