A Better Plan

A Better Plan: Spend to Live Save to Wealth: A Real Life Guide to Building Wealth from Nothing and Living a Life Without Financial Fear is Case Lane’s self-help financial book for the money challenged.

Around the world, the average person must build financial wealth and security through the means and opportunities they have around them.  Every penny is saved towards goals such as going to college or buying a home.  People focus on saving to build wealth, not spending for short term gratification.  In this book, Case Lane encourages the money challenged to reset priorities and focus on securing a financial future without fear and constraint.  Built on the same foundation as the money-finding practices taught in Ready Entrepreneur, A Better Plan is aimed at anyone who is ready to reset their life by taking control of their finances.

To follow the detailed numbers in the book, download the Better Plan Lifetime Numbers spreadsheet here.

A Better Plan is available at all of your favorite ebookstore sites.  Click the logo to go to the Book Page at the store.