The Laker Taylor Political Thrillers

The Laker Taylor Political Thriller book series is about diplomacy, global law enforcement and the media. Set against the backdrop of the government realities of our world – corruption, illegal finance, oppression, election manipulation, poverty, trade wars, security and more – the books take the reader on rapid rides with a diplomat, journalist, and police officer who are all on the side of justice.

Book 1: Angle of Deception

Book 2: Front of Silence 


Karlie Laker is a political and economics affairs officer at her country’s embassy. Karlie believes in negotiation first, physical force second, and will work to defend her intentions. Fast becoming a career diplomat she has yet to become disillusioned by the suffering and conflicts defining our world.

Shane Taylor is a global law enforcement agent undercover for the International Police Alliance. Shane shoots first, asks questions later. He does not have the patience for diplomacy and would rather have solutions resolved as quickly as possible. The only force capable of prompting him to bend his will is his love for Karlie.

Jessie Tarmaine, is a global journalist covering developing world economic development in the face of government negligence. She seeks action through the press and seeks to shine a light on all those who deserve to be revealed. But her relentless quests often lead her into the very violent and difficult world she is seeking to expose.



Begin where Laker and Taylor meet, on the Mediterranean Sea and join them all over the world with the fast-moving Laker Taylor series of thriller adventures. This is the next level of global action and adventure…do not look back.