Angle of Deception

The Ambassador’s daughter is dead. The most hated journalist in the history of the Republic of Alcazar has come home. Karlie Laker is at the center of the two biggest stories in the country’s troubled history. But she could be the most compromised of all. Karlie is the diplomat in charge of finding the killer, but she thinks it is her ex-boyfriend, Carlos, the Minister of Public Security and the most visible member of Alcazar’s corrupt ruling Baker family. She must uncover the truth before journalist Jessie Tarmaine beats her to it. Too bad they are best friends.

Angle of Deception 3D cover

Jessie has arrived in the impoverished island nation to cover the world’s most gripping story, and to secretly confront a past that is deeply connected to the dangerous Bakers. As the country’s public facade begins to crumble under the weight of international scrutiny, Jessie becomes embroiled in the scandal that threatens to take down Alcazar’s most powerful family and the Ambassador that has pledged to protect them. Seeking justice from the back streets of the red-light district to the farthest reaches of the island’s desert, and ultimately to the center of a war between the long established Bakers and the upstart immigrant Turners, Karlie and Jessie risk their lives as they are drawn into a battle that has hatred and revenge at its core. Karlie and Jessie lock intense ambition, loyalty and duty against family strife, civil unrest and lost hope to unveil a global secret and to save a life-long friendship that has never been tested.

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