Big Data, Network Analytics and Your Online Privacy

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This page provides links to research sources and news reports about online privacy.

In the Life Online book series, The Network functions efficiently because it is analyzing all data at all times.  The Network links all computers, smartphones, servers, cameras, sensors, satellites and any other digitally transmitting device.  The Internet of Things is one complete global system.  Software checks and cross-references every data point and releases second-by-second reports that effect every aspect of our daily lives.  This is possible when you ignore individual online privacy and run all of the collected data through network analytics (analysis) to interpret the data.

Stay Informed about your Privacy Rights – Research Sources

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Resource Guide for Parents

Children’s Internet Protection Act


Links to Media reports about Big Data, Network Analytics and Online Privacy

2015 January – The Atlantic – What our online ‘likes’ say about us
What are online likes say about us:

2014 March 9 – 60 Minutes – Databrokers
60 Minutes broadcast a story about data brokers and how they are obtaining and using your personal information.