Drones – Civilian uses

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In the Life Online series, civilian and commercial drones are a fact of everyday life.Drone_Flying_Eye

As described in The Motion Clue the machines are considered benign functionaries:  Aerial devices that were unmanned, operated one hundred percent automatically on instructions from The Network, or automatically with a human override, or one hundred percent by a human with a manual remote control were, by common understanding, a drone. The machines could be of any size, and had a variety of functional uses from carrying products from instruction documents to packages, to emergency kits or repair tools, to assisting with construction and structural repairs, to emergency rescue, to targeted surveillance. Drones could be any geometric shape like balls or triangles, or resemble miniature versions of helicopters and other flying machines. For delivering packages in a city, drones were usually small square boxes, but for military maneuvers in the desert, the machines were the size of airplanes. Humans took the name drone from military aircraft that had been used for missions in the desert wars. The military and drone manufacturers had desperately tried to encourage an independent civilian name for the machines, but the term had long ago passed into popular use, easy to say, spell and remember. With unlimited specs, drones could also be manufactured in any type of facility, anywhere in the world, and equipped with weapons, legally or not. Civilian drones were common, used by businesses, professionals and individuals in all aspects of their daily lives. Humans appreciated the conveniences provided by the machines, and most were very comfortable with the devices moving above them at work, in streets, parks, homes and office buildings. In general, drones and humans were considered completely compatible.

Links to more information about the rise of civilian and commercial drones:

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2014 October 5 – New York magazine covered the rise of drones in every day life
http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2014/10/drones-the-next-smartphone.html from

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This news report illustrates the start of what may one day become the events in The Motion Clue.

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