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In the Life Online book series, characters attended online-only educational study halls and were taught by computers.  Compare how education is described in The Motion Clue (see excerpt below) to the articles about real-world developments taking place now.  A transition is inevitable.

Excerpt from The Motion Clue:  As an online-only student, he had no specific teacher. Inside the large study hall where he was working with hundreds of people of all ages, human monitors roamed the aisles more as overseers than as educators. In Australia, as in most developed countries, the entire state requirements for the mandatory public school educational curriculum, pre-kindergarten through twelfth year and college preparatory advanced courses, were freely available online as lectures, learning games, exercise modules and standardized tests to be started as soon as a child was ready to learn, and completed at his own pace. To maintain a student’s interest in the lesson content, The Network cross-referenced and integrated the individual’s social media, shopping, recreation, food, and other preferences into the applications. An individual who enjoyed skiing would receive math problems to calculate the slope of a ski mountain. Reading segments would include the names of the individual’s friends and family, or references to preferred entertainment programs. Individuals worked through the material at all hours of any day, and families took vacations when convenient. Throughout the country, separate school buildings and formal academic years were rare. To prevent fraud, online-only learning individuals were required to report in person, at least once every 90 days, to a testing location where they would be administered their level tests under strict security. If scores deviated too far from those already recorded by The Network, the student would be required to attend a traditional, physical school facility for at least the next six months before being permitted to continue online-only again. The Network also recorded the deviation, and stored a notation in the individual’s permanent profile. 

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