The Mystery Files from The Origin Point

These discussion documents were created as background material for the next century events that take place in The Life Online technothriller book series.  

The BackStory

In the early morning hours of Easter Sunday 2014, a cleaner in a Washington, DC restaurant near the White House discovered a USB flash drive on a ledge next to a table. The cleaner gave the drive to the restaurant owner who searched its contents, looking for the name of the owner.   The name could not be found, but the contents of the drive stunned the owner. The documents appeared to be detailed federal government planning documents about our future world.  Since this was Washington, the curious owner gave the flash drive to a journalist he knew, and she began the search for the truth behind the content.

Below are redacted summaries of content from the documents from the drive.  You can download the files for circulation and discussion.  It is hoped that releasing these documents will generate debate about the issues, and the legal and policy implications for the future.

Click HERE to download all of the files as one document: The Life Online Origin Files

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Preventing the next Dr. King or Ms. Steinem from Gaining a Foothold: Hiding Race and Gender Bias in Website Code

Happy 4th Birthday, Please Report to a Computer: Requiring an Online-Only Education

Law Enforcement
No License to Kill: Civilian law enforcement protocols for armed drones

Consumer Credit
Money never ends: Continued access to credit through online protocols