The Probable Cause


A Future Tech Cyber thriller – Book 3 in The Life Online Files series

WHILE EVILS ARE SUFFERABLE, justice must be served. But what if the jury is not human? In a time when an omnipresent cyber Network is expected to find and identify every human on earth, the world’s most hated man walks out of a U.S. federal prison. But can global law enforcement investigate who or what opened the door when The Network designed to imprison the accused, also thinks he is free? The Probable Cause is a future tech cyber thriller taking you into a world where interference with an automatic jury verdict application has devastating consequences for society. A wanted criminal eludes future tech surveillance and sets off a global search forced to use reconnaissance tactics from another age. In an earth crossing investigation from the eastern shores of the U.S. to the banks of the Black Sea, diligent global intelligence agents and a cohort of rogue technologists struggle to find common ground in the deadly chase to stop a determined man from unleashing the next level of cyber terrorism against a shocked and paralyzed world.

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