The Story

“You will not have a human jury, you understand right?” – Danika to Rafer

The Probable Cause is the third book in the future tech cyber thriller Life Online series, where the stories imagine the unintended consequences of turning our human lives over to computers

In a time when an omnipresent cyber Network is expected to find and identify every human on earth, the world’s most hated man walks out of a U.S. federal prison and sets off a global hunt with startling implications. In The Probable Cause, a future tech cyber thriller, Rafer Acton is on trial for a horrific massacre and facing a verdict delivered by an auto-jury computer application designed to provide impartial decisions to all accused suspects. But when he disappears, global law enforcement is forced to retreat to last century tactics to find a prisoner eluding every form of Network control.

Global CyberSecurity diplomat Kadie Laltanca and her experienced team at Special Command are in the unfamiliar position of joining a global search team run by another organization. But when the humans clash over tactics and approaches, Kadie prompts her group to lead the search on their own. Chasing clues from exotic Morocco to southern Italy to the shores of the Black Sea, the team confronts uncooperative colleagues, hostile locals and rogue technologists aligning on either side of the war for humanity’s soul.

In this future, ethnic tensions have not capitulated to reason, and the ability of singular hate movements to destroy lives is enjoying a renaissance under Rafer Acton’s misguided leadership. Not only are hundreds, perhaps thousands of people helping him in his crusade, but also his very victims are falling prey to his trap. Special Command realigns with rogue tech adversaries to dissect Rafer’s cyber terrorism capabilities and find a process for stopping him. Will they discover his victims before he can unleash his plan, or this time, will the technology solution come too late?

The Probable Cause is Book Three in the Life Online Files book series of speculative science fiction thrillers. Challenge your convictions about the parameters for right and wrong with this story of how one man galvanizes thousands to join his hate movement while using the most advanced technology tools of the next century to execute an ancient revenge.

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