The Unbroken Line


A Future Tech Cyber thriller – Book 2 in the Life Online Files series

BEYOND THE TIES OF OUR COMMON KINDRED can a digital human be controlling an act of war? In the near future, the dead live on as virtual holograms interacting with humans through an omnipresent cyber Network. But when undetectable drones suddenly change the outcome of government policies, digital humans become criminal suspects. The Unbroken Line is a future tech cyber thriller highlighting the battle between the disturbing consequences of humanity’s dependence on programmed machines, and the visionary benefits of the technology. The artificial intelligence providing ongoing contact with the departed could be instigating a terrifying military stand-off between the USA and Russia. In The Unbroken Line, the war in Cyberspace goes to the edges of the Universe. To prevent a world ending outcome, a global team of diplomats, Intelligence agents and rogue technologists must reverse engineer the error, and avert a war threatening to shatter the stable unity maintained in a world of cyber control.

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