The Story

In The Unbroken Line, a promising new age of ongoing contact with the dead, turns into a terrifying military stand-off between the USA and Russia. Could a digital human one day hold the fate of the world? What if your last text triggered the next world war?  When Big Data integration goes unchecked, these scenarios begin to unfold as we fail to realize that The Network managing our lives online may not understand the difference between a comment and a command.

The Unbroken Line is a future tech cyber thriller. In the near future, a promising new technology generates interactive digital copies of deceased humans and the departed live on as virtual holograms interacting with humans every day through the omnipresent Network. The story introduces the simcon, or simulated conscience, a data application using the entire digital record of your existence to recreate a life-like hologram of you. The complex technology aggregates all of your online presence that has been updated, recorded, photographed, videoed or otherwise saved in any server or digital storage facility in the world throughout your lifetime, to generate a functioning digital human capable of operating in the physical world.

But when undetectable drones suddenly change the outcome of government policies, digital humans become suspects. Even more troubling, the incidents could have started in the White House when U.S. President Arturo Solar’s made the decision to illegally generate his deceased daughter’s simcon.

To find out if the powerful new simcon app has tipped the balance of geopolitical power, a global team of diplomats, Intelligence agents and rogue technologists must find the fault in the technology, and avert a war threatening to shatter the stable unity maintained in a world of online control. Kadie Laltanca, the Commander of the United Nations Security Council Special Command for Cyber Security, and her global technology team run an international investigation from earth to outer space to determine if a human or digital perpetrator is behind the chaos. Following the clues from Cape Canaveral to The Philippines to Brazil to Moscow, and back to the halls of Washington, the team uncovers clever foes and unexpected conflicts, as they search for a criminal they cannot see. As the battle intensifies and the clues turn the investigation around, cyber law enforcement’s number one enemy, rogue technologist Zylen Blain fights to keep his freedom, technological superiority, and the love of his life, from the rapidly approaching Global Intelligence agents.

In a world where humans have not realized they are no longer thinking, but only reacting, to mandated commands from an interlocked communication Network, warring techies go head-to-head online in a race to outpace one another for digital domination. But neither side can envision how the unpredictable actions of the auto-programming Network will force extraordinarily real human responses in a world of complacent digital control.

The Unbroken Line is a global law enforcement challenge balancing unauthorized alliances between rogues technologists and Intelligence agents in exotic locations, where answers are elusive and romantic conflicts omnipresent. Welcome to the near future and the battle for humanity’s survival.