PDF Copies of Tomorrow Today Life Online Stories

Hello Global Insiders,

In the past I have shared cool new tech, future world news links from around the world. As part of “tracking the facts,” for the Life Online book series, I am on the lookout for stories that mirror the action in the books. Beginning now in 2018, I’m ‘reporting’ these innovations, as part of short stories extending the Life Online prequel, The Origin Point that takes place in today’s world.

I’ve written short stories using the characters from The Origin Point, operating in today’s world with technology that has been already reported to either be in use or about to be released somewhere in the world. I thought it would be interesting to put the new tech innovations in context to help you visualize where you may come across these developments in your daily life.

Let me know what you think of this approach by sending an email to contactcase(at)claneworld(dot)com.  

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 2018 January – Number 1  – Click Here to Download