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CLICK HERE to receive a FREE PDF download of The Origin Point: A Future Tech Cyber Novella, the present-day prequel to the Life Online book series.

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CLICK HERE to download a FREE PDF of Chapter One of The Motion Clue:  A Future Tech Cyber Thriller, Book One in the Life Online series

Looking for a contemporary POLITICAL THRILLER set in today’s world?

Angle of Deception 3D coverCLICK HERE to download a FREE PDF of Chapter One of Angle of Deception, Book One in The Consul series.

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Ready to organize your financial life in time for changes in the global high tech economy? CLICK HERE to download a FREE PDF excerpt from Case’s down-to-earth money guide for the financially challenged.  The excerpt is A Better Plan - 3Dparticularly great for a high schooler you know who claims he or she does not have any money to go forward with life.

A Better Plan is part of Case’s work at Ready Entrepreneur – the website for wantrepreneurs looking to find the confidence, time and money to go from 9-to-5 to your lifestyle dreams.  Case’s overall message is, as always – Prepare for the Future.

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