Do you want individual privacy or do you want global security?

The US Secretary of State and the head of FedSec join an international alliance to create an online global surveillance and tracking system of sweeping control over individuals. But when a mysterious flash drive about their plans falls into the hands of an intrepid journalist forces mobilize to hide the explosive secret.  

Can two master operators outpace America's free press and a determined underground cyber technologist in the race for our digital future? 


Venture into Case Lane's Future World:

Dubious officials

Rogue technologists 

Justice and injustice

Life and death stakes

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Case Lane

About the Author

For readers who want their thrillers moving at a world-changing pace...

Case Lane is a global writer, traveler and observer to the future. Educated in communications, political science, business, law and economics, she has lived and worked all over the world as a reporter, diplomat and digital media corporate executive. Building from her interests in international relations and technology, Case envisions a next century world where the essential battle is between the advancement of technology and the instincts of our basic humanity. 

In her heart-stopping, thought-provoking Life Online series of future tech cyber thrillers set in the next century, the majority of people are non-technologists who have to learn to live and manage in a technology-controlled world they do not understand.  

The Origin Point is the Life Online series prequel set in the contemporary world. . From the law-making halls of Washington, D.C. to the free-wheeling tech economy in San Francisco, the forces making decisions to change the world are already in the game and your life is in play. Learn who is bracing to advance, and who is in retreat as the brightest minds lay the foundation for a future that may have already arrived.

Case's books are available at all of your favorite online bookstores.