The Story


“Imagine an online file for every human on earth, immediately accessible to match suspects before there is an incident. We can bring terrorism to its knees. That’s the goal here Marco, the end of living in fear.” 

– from The Origin Point

Begin the Life Online book series of future tech cyber thrillers with the first prequel set in today’s world.

The Origin Point is a future tech cyber novella taking you into the secretive plan to create the most intrusive global surveillance and online data system ever envisioned. The story begins when a ubiquitous flash drive falls into the hands of intrepid journalist, Dallas Winter who immediately recognizes the content could be explosive. The drive contains several files, appearing to have originated with the federal government, that outline U.S. future tech cyber policies around volatile domestic issues such as discrimination, law enforcement and online shopping. Dallas takes the files directly to Marco Manuel, the director of the almost unknown Federal Security Commission who, of course, denies everything.

Marco and U.S. Secretary of State Julia Davenport are moonlighting with a clandestine global team building a Global Cyber Security (GCS) operation behind the backs of the U.S., and every other government. Faced with Dallas’s evidence, the two federal cabinet ministers find themselves in a battle with America’s free press in the race to define who will determine our online future.

The GCS plan is to construct a global cyber operation to unite all surveillance, satellite images and everyone’s online data into one controllable space. Although the initial plans appear daunting, Julia and Marco are able to take advantage of a configuration of trends – dysfunction in D.C. politics, weak global leadership and a billionaire class awash with cash – to manipulate federal government departments, big business and global law enforcement into implementing their project.

But those who are aware of GCS’s long-term goals have no intention of standing on the sidelines. A mysterious underground technologist named Apex has insight to the operations and another agenda for stopping or managing the plans. Apex uses sophisticated tech skill, to launch her own investigation into the security operation and to establish a galvanized global team set to risk their lives in a counter cyber attack. Caught in both worlds is tech billionaire, Carter Harden, the man GCS wants to create and champion the technology, but who Apex wants to fight on her side.

As GCS battles to accelerate its implementation timeline and independent technologists mobilize to stop them, every player debates the most decisive issues of our times:

Do you want individual privacy or do you want global security?
What is the responsibility of business to protect consumer data?
What is the role of government in managing technological progress?
Can we prevent the technology from taking control?

From the law-making halls of D.C. to the free-wheeling tech economy in San Francisco, the forces making these decisions are already in the game and your life is in play. Learn who is bracing to advance and who is in retreat as the brightest minds lay the foundation for a future that may have already arrived.

Start the Life Online book series with this novella about how today’s anti-terrorism operations become tomorrow’s total control over you and everything you do. Meet the machine in the middle whose intelligence is all human beings can program at this moment, and all the programming can eventually become. The Life Online books are speculative science fiction thrillers for thinking people imagining the unintended consequences of our dependence on technology.